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Anonymous: you don't seem like yourself lately

i dont feel like myself lately

it’s gonna be okay, i’ll adjust soon enough. 

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i have a friend here who literally tolerates none of my bullshit and i love her for it so much. those are my favorite kinds of people- the people who just don’t indulge in my idiocy 

because i’ve been hanging around a lot of enablers and people who like encourage me to go out and party and hook up and do dumb things and that’s fine, that’s one form of friendship or whatever

but this girl

 i got way too drunk on saturday and i literally fell down outside a frat house and she was like “get the fuck up, you’re too drunk to be here. we’re going home” 

and the thing is that everybody else [all of whom were fucking trashed too] was just like “no she’s fine, let her stay and we’ll take care of her” whatever but Liz was just like

no. we’re done here. 

and i need more people like that, like fuck knows i can barely take care of myself so if someone else is willing to do it for me then i’ll never complain…

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my favorite part of the day is when i’m walking out of the building and you’re walking in- and i always see you before, through the window, so i know not to look up but you don’t see me until i walk through the door so you look up at me for half a second and i can see your face fall in my peripheral and then you focus intently on the ground and i focus intently on my phone and we walk past each other and this happens every day and this is how we are now

and i never thought this would happen to me, i never thought i’d let something this dumb happen to me

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i hooked up with someone and i knew he had a girlfriend

i just wasnt thinking

i am the most despicable kind of human being 

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Who has not asked himself at some time or other: am I a monster or is this what it means to be a person?
― Clarice Lispector, A Hora Da Estrela

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platonic friendships can be just as (if not, infinitely more) fulfilling as romantic or sexual relationships!!!! having either of the latter will not automatically make you feel more whole (because you’re already whole!)!!!! in fact toxic relationships of any kind can drain you so don’t engage in anything or with anyone who doesn’t add to you as a person and never let yourself feel like the person you’re with is taking anything away from you as a human being!!!!!

you’re always a whole!

no one can take anything away from you!

relationships are only supposed to add to your life so when they don’t work out you shouldn’t feel as though you’ve lost anything that compromises your integrity! because you haven’t! you can’t! you’re you!

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Just be honest with me or stay away from me. It’s not that difficult.
― Unknown 

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