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i had like a connecting flight out of North Carolina and the only thing i thought when i got off the plane was “oh my god i’m in a red state”

"most of the people in this state voted for Mitt Romney"

"oh my god"

and we were there for like 2 hours and i’m fucking terrible i was just like looking around at everyone and thinking “wow real life republicans”

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yeah so i was walking yesterday and my foot hit this rock and the rock somehow just took off a slice of my toe

and i didn’t notice for a long time just because i was bleeding so much but like i looked at it today and yup 

a piece of my foot is stuck to a rock somewhere in Tulum, Mexico

can’t get it back 

i am .0001% less of a whole human being 

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Amos Lee || Sweet Pea

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Getting Sodas
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
Whenever, If Ever

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oh my god these fucking people i met at dinner

they both went to columbia university, one for art history and the other for sociology and they’re just so proud of that fact but they haven’t done anything with their own lives since because “our degrees are useless” (so i’m assuming that they’re still dependent on their parents??? because they don’t have jobs???) and oh my god they got so fucking drunk and they would not stop spouting the stupidest ~*globally and socially conscious!*~ shit like how impoverished the third world is and just all this super pretentious white liberal bullshit, i just felt like i was listening the the 21st century’s white man’s burden

i very deliberately rammed my plate into the back of the sociology major’s head and he was so drunk that he fully believed me when i said it was an accident I HATED THEM SO MUCH OH MY GOD

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