present Keep digging.
  1. saw this guy in my college group on facebook
  2. thought he looked cool
  3. went to his timeline
  4. saw #istandwithisrael
  5. suddenly lost interest

always disappointing in a way that cannot be overlooked.

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i’m seeing this a lot in my college groups where people’ll post things like “does anyone like ~*really generic thing*~ or is it just me”

like… beth from new york’ll post “DOES ANYONE LIKE HARRY POTTER??? OR IS IT JUST ME????”

yes beth it’s just you.

you’re the only one.

alone in this world.

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my friend and i bought matching bras today

so i mean

that’s friendship right

we’re taking them to college

where no one is ever going to see them

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i miss breaking bad so much 

breaking bad was my best friend

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if you have the chance, you should really really really watch Zindagi Na Milege Dobara because yeah even though it’s in hindi it’s usually subtitled and you can find it on the internet

and it’s just like a v existential, beautiful verson of the Hangover and yeah i really really liked it and there’s some really nice cinematography in it too and it takes place in Spain so there’s a lot of really cool location stuff goin on and it’s actually really refreshing in terms of indian cinema???? it’s just a lot more artsy than most indian movies i’ve seen and i really appreciated it

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Touch The Sky (Ft. Lupe Fiasco) Kanye West

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